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Operation Warrior Golf

The mission of Operation Warrior Golf is to provide free professional golf swing instruction to the wounded or any active duty service member who is serving overseas. We know that golf can be a powerful and effective tool in the recovery of the wounded, and that it serves as a great outlet to peace and serenity.  To the active duty service member, golf provides a brief respite from the day to day activities related to serving our country.

Through use of the V1 Golf App, we can provide lessons to a virtually limitless number of students that we would otherwise be unable to reach due to the cost prohibitiveness and logistics of travel and related expenses. From any smartphone, a warrior or service member can send his or her video'd golf swing and have it analyzed by a PGA Professional.

Headed by PGA Class A Professional Russ Holden, Operation Warrior Golf takes advantage of a 30 year professional career working with some of the best players in the history of the game. Former Head Professional at Woodfield Country Club and coach to 2-time Masters Champion Bernhard Langer, Russ has spent over 25 years on the TOUR with the best players and coaches in the game. On almost a weekly basis Holden sees the best swings up close and personal with Caddy For A Cure and has acquired a skill for teaching that he will utilize with Operation Warrior Golf.

This is really easy to do.

Step ONE

Download the V1 APP for Home Computer or Smart Phone

Step TWO

Film your swing and send to our Academy

* Film your swing STRAIGHT ON or DOWN THE LINE
*Make sure that the ball position is inside the front foot
*Make sure you are directly down the line on this view
*Make player as large as possible, see a little grass and sky

*Click SEND - Pick Caddy For A Cure Academy
Pick Russ Holden as Instructor


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