Christian’s Corner

Welcome to Christian’s Corner. Christian was born on August 25th, 1993 and was born with Fanconi anemia, a rare bone marrow disorder. Christian has had a successful bone marrow transplant and is doing well. So well in fact he is now our National Spokesperson for Caddy For A Cure and comes often with us on the PGA TOUR. Christian is the impetus of our program and a hero to many families suffering with FA. As you will see and read below, he has quite a few friends in some very high places!

Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year… I am back with more exciting news starting with some events that were towards the end of last year, we will start with the exciting news that a caddy that ‘caddied’ for a cure in Oregon for Stacey Lewis runs a construction company and has now joined the CFAC team of sponsors he will now be our shirt sponsor with his company Emerick Construction and we have recently become good friends with another great guy that makes golf shirts for kids like mine and Calens size and his company is called The Littlest Golfer. Then later on down into the fall season we had fun at the Blue angels Homecoming show where it was announced that Captain Boss McWherter was going to be the leader of the ‘Blues’ for two more season making him the longest serving leader of the Navys Flight Demonstration Team so far and they have also announced through their events coordinator ‘Focker’ that the ‘Blues’ would be coming to do a show this year in Warner Robins which is about 30 minutes from Macon Ga where I live, but rewind a bit on my way down to Florida we made a stop and let a friend of mine who lives in GA as well get off and me and the pilot went inside and we were greeted by a warm smile and the words hold on I gotta get the cookies out of the oven the lady at the airport where we had stopped had made us fresh cookies including pumpkin spice and chocolate chip cookies so we got the cookies to go and we finished our flight to my destination of South Florida for the annual Caddy For A Cure golf outing that we have down there then me and the Holdens drove to Pensacola Florida and y’all know what happened after that…

Til The Next event,


Summer Travel

In August my brother Colby confiscated my phone on august 24th he said he wanted me to spend the day with the family with no phone for the rest of the day he was planning on taking us to a movie and about 15 minutes before we are to get in the car I get a call from a blocked number so I answer hello who is this? I don’t answer blocked calls- no answer then someone picks up the phone and says let’s play a guessing game so we did and I guessed who called me it was Dog The Bounty Hunter I taljed to him for 11 minutes about what I do and about his new up coming show on Country Music Television.

Back in Portland this year we had fun with Stacy Lewis and Lexi Thompson where we had a party put on by our Friend Corey Lohman From Emerick Construction benefiting Caddy For A Cure, we got to meet Mrs. Cathy Zagunis mother of Mariel Zagunis 2 time Olympic gold medalist in Sabre Fencing, we ate a stop and go sushi place that we loved where the sushi was a dollar and came out on a conveyer belt called Hot Pot&Sushi and Mrs. Zagunis said her daughter wanted me to have a gift and gave me a practice sabre from their school right there in Portland!


Welcome to my new blog! Hi I am Christian Collins the national spokesperson for Caddy For A Cure I just wanted to tell you about my expereince in Hilton head this year it was a amazing fun time we had Boo Weekley and Robert Allenby doing Caddy For A Cure in Hilton head and the people who caddied for them had a blast and so did the players, and two of my best friends are Boo Weekley and his caddie Jo Jo Pyland and Robert is a terrific guy and the very kind man who caddied for Robert Allenby, Doug Renegar is a very kind man Robert hit a hole in one on the seventeenth hole during the practice round and autographed the golf ball and gave it to Doug who then gladly gave it to me what a terrific guy! We all had our pictures taken on the eighteenth hole in front of the lighthouse wow what a pretty site we even saw dolphins!

That is amazing and I can promise going on tour and caddying for a great guy like Robert or Boo is a great experience and another reason why I love Hilton Head is because me and my friend Kayla Holden got to sit on stage in Harbour Town and listen to our very silly friend Gregg Russell, is that a Booger in the Sugar, no it’s not. Well I had a bunch for lunch I could hear the suckers crunch is that a booger in the sugar no it’s not. The first few words of our friend Gregg Russell’s famous song Booger in the Sugar.